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Prefab Garages

Quality Prefab Garages in Just a Few Simple Steps

As Americans, we have a lot to be thankful for. Freedom of speech, personal liberties, and the chance to pursue our dreams are just a few of these things. One of the greatest things about this country is the opportunity to own a little bit of land. This allows citizens to stake a little piece of this great country and call it their own. Often, owning land means owning vehicles, lawn equipment and more. So, how are people supposed to protect their valuable property? The answer is simple: prefab garages from a trusted, reputable dealer. Carport Express offers metal garages that are easy to install, incredibly strong and durable, and perfect for many applications. Best of all, they offer materials made in the U.S.A. Plus, they offer a variety of payment options, so everyone has access to these incredible garages without waiting. Check out what makes these garages such a great choice below.

What is a Prefab Garage?

Putting up a garage can be a huge project. Often, new houses come with garages already built. But what about older homes? Or, new homes that do not include a garage? What about a home that has a garage but needs another one for many reasons? Luckily, there is a simple and elegant answer to each of these questions: a prefab garage. But in order to fully understand the benefits, it is important to first understand what these garages actually are.

So, what is a prefab garage? A prefab (prefabricated) garage is an affordable, highly customizable alternative to a traditional garage. Traditional, stick-built garages are built much in the same way that traditional homes are built. In other words, they require a lot of installation work and can be very expensive. A prefab garage, on the other hand, can be installed quickly and easily compared to their traditional counterparts. They easily take the place of a detached garage. But easy installation is not the only benefit of a prefab garage. In fact, it’s one of just many benefits they offer.

Carport Express offers prefab metal garages that are both cost-effective and maintenance-free. This makes them perfect for protecting vehicles, adding storage space, and much more. They have developed a nationwide network of facilities. So, no matter where you live, they have a warehouse close to you. That means that customers in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and beyond are in luck. Best of all, Carport Express has built strong relationships with each of these manufacturers. That means they can get you the best price possible on these useful garages.

Metal Garages Offer Numerous Benefits

These garages offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Variety

    —prefabricated garages come in many different sizes, styles, and designs. That means whatever type of home you have, there’s a garage to match. Choose one that matches your home’s style. Or, go bold with exciting colors and designs. A prefab garage can stand out in ways that traditional garages can’t.

  • Cost

    —one of the chief benefits of these garages is their cost. They are far less expensive than traditional garages. Plus, their ease of installation helps avoid costly pitfalls associated with traditional builds. Enjoy all of the benefits of a garage without the cost and hassle of traditional ones.

  • Ease of Construction

    —these garages come in simple, comprehensive kits. Simply follow the instructions to assemble the individual pieces and have it up in a matter of hours. Or, pay an expert to do it. Either way, this construction method will help avoid unexpected costs that often come up during stick-built garages.

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance

    —once built, these garages require little maintenance. Often, they can be cleaned by simply hosing them off. This is perfect for people who don’t want to deal with upkeep.

  • Durability

    —a prefab garage can be made from a variety of materials. That means that they can be whatever you want them to be. Want durability and energy efficiency? Choose metal and the garage can last for years to come. This makes it a perfect setting for a wide range of activities.

  • Customization

    —choose the materials, designs, finishes, and much more to complement your home or to stand out as a statement. There’s virtually no end to the customization options available to you. Another option is to place the modular building on a concrete slab to make it even more permanent. So, if you have a yard or space that is oddly shaped, you can still find a garage that will work. A custom design will make excellent use of this space.

Are Garages Only for Parking Cars?

Of course, storing the family car is the primary use of a garage. But it’s far from the only use. With prefab garages from Carport Express, customers can make use of this space for a wide range of activities. Check out just a few of these options below:

  • Workshop

    —elevate your hobby with a workshop befitting your skill. Or, make the perfect space to allow for growth in your home business. A garage can make for a perfect workshop for woodworking, metal work, and much more. Or, use the space to work on projects that are too large or too messy for your house.

  • Home Office

    —working from home has many benefits, especially with the right office. A garage can be set up for your exact needs to make you more relaxed and more efficient. Maybe in your climate, you just need to add a portable heater, lighting and A/C and you’re set! Or, just use it for storage when you run an online business from home.

  • Extra Storage

    —owning ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles are some of the most enjoyable parts of land ownership. But what about storage? Keep the clutter out of your house with a garage that can house and protect your toys.

  • Studio

    —do you love to write, paint, or take photographs? Let your creative side flourish with a studio that can handle all your needs.

  • Hunting Gear Storage

    —keep your guns, ammo, and other gear safe and away from the rest of the house. A garage can be a perfect place to prep for your hunts and store your gear safely.

  • Rental

    —could you use some additional income? Of course, you could! Turn your property into a charming rental option. Or, store personal items in your garage while renting out your house. This will earn you extra money and will help the garage pay for itself.

  • Other Commercial or Residential Applications

    —turn your garage into whatever you want or need it to be! There’s virtually no limit to what you can use this space for.

The Best Prefab Garages

Research shows that people want garages. In fact, an adequate garage is one of the top things people look for when buying a house. But what are you supposed to do if your current house doesn’t have one? Or, what if you have one but need another garage or workspace? Carport Express can help!

They maintain an extensive network of manufacturers. That means they can whatever type or size garage you want at the best price. But how do you know where to begin? After all, one of the benefits of metal garages is the variety they come in. Carport Express offers expertise to assist you in picking out or designing the garage that’s right for you. They take into consideration things like length and height, of course. But they also go beyond that to consider snow load ratings, seismic ratings, wind load ratings, and more. That means your garage will keep your property safe now and for years to come.

Maybe you just need something with a roof to keep the rain, snow and leaves off your cars. Go with a steel carport, made from the highest quality pre-engineered steel. Maybe your car, truck, or tractor needs its own secure storage. Just pick the size and style you want and they can get the storage garage that’s right for you. Perhaps a barn is more in line with what you need. A steel barn offers space and custom layouts and is incredibly attractive. Or, maybe you need space—and lots of it. Choose a clear span building that can be the perfect setting for all your needs.

Multiple Ways to Pay

Carport Express believes that these garages should be available to everyone. They understand that everyone goes through different financial situations. But, they know, this doesn’t change the need to protect valuable property from theft and the elements. That’s why they offer three different ways to pay:

  • Buy

    —Carport Express has built a strong reputation in the metal building industry. This comes from developing a network of top-quality pre-engineered steel building manufacturers. For customers, this means getting the best possible product at the best possible price. Simply put, when manufacturers compete for your business, you win. So, when you buy a garage outright, you can trust that you’re getting the best price in the country.

  • Finance

    —things happen, financially speaking. Unexpected bills arrive for homes, businesses, children, and much more. But does that change the fact that your property still needs protecting? Of course not. Luckily, Carport Express offers financing options for qualifying customers. They work with top steel structure manufacturers to pass along financing choices to customers. This is a great option for investing in valuable protection for your vehicles, property, and more. Contact their friendly experts to see what financing options are available to you today.

  • Rent-to-Own

    —having successful, working relationships with a wide network of manufacturers has benefits for customers. One of the key benefits is the option for customers to rent-to-own the garage that is perfect for them. Some manufacturers offer special rental agreements. Carport Express can help you find these options, if that’s what you need. Simply contact them and they will get to work on finding you the best deal for your current situation. It’s one of the many ways they help customers get the garage of their dreams when they need it most.

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Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding a garage to your property for a while. Perhaps you’ve even given some serious thought as to how you might use this extra space. You might have cars that are braving the elements and you want to start protecting them. Maybe your attic is overflowing and you need some functional storage space for you and your family. Or, maybe you have a hobby you are passionate about and want the space to take it to the next level. In any case, Carport Express can help bring your dream to life. They can help find you the perfect building in just a few easy steps. Start by filling out this form and they will take it from there.

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