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Let’s find your perfect building in just a few easy steps. Get Started!

Steel buildings

Steel Buildings Can Serve Many Functions on your Property

Today’s families seem to accumulate more possessions than previous generations. We have more cars per household, more ATVs, snowmobiles, riding mowers and sports equipment. All of these items take up more space than the average home allocates for storage. How to solve this space-shortage dilemma? Carport Express has the solution! Steel buildings can be the answer to your storage problems.

What Types of Steel Buildings are Available for a Residential Property?


Whether you collect cars or trucks or just have several family members with vehicles, everyone wants to provide protection for their expensive possessions. You can customize a metal carport to hold as many vehicles as you want to protect. A sturdy carport is just one of the steel buildings that will add value to your property. Depending on your location, weather will be a factor in determining the design and metal materials that will do the job best. In a sunny, warm location you may only need a roof to protect vehicles from the scorching rays of the sun. Areas that receive a lot of rain or snow may demand side protection, as well. Remember that snow will slide off metal roof panels and eliminate the need to clean snow from your vehicle’s roof!


In some cases, more protection may be necessary. Choosing to add a complete garage on your property provides more than storage for your vehicles. You may decide to add some extra indoor, secure space for your landscaping tools and equipment. Eventually, most metal buildings will pay for themselves in added sales value.


Perhaps your home already has a garage, but you just don’t have enough space for your gardening tools, riding mower, sports equipment, large outdoor toys or hobby supplies. This is where a secure, lockable metal building can provide the perfect solution. These buildings come in all sizes and you can customize them to your exact needs.


More people are returning to the land and raising animals on their property. Steel buildings can provide the indoor protection and space that you need when housing animals. No matter the climate, animals require protected spaces that house their food, water and bedding area.

Clear Span

This design allows a large open space with no support beams. Steel buildings with this design serve many purposes for commercial uses as a warehouse or distribution center or possibly as a hangar for a private plane or boat storage. As with all metal structures, these can be as many sq ft as you require for your particular use.

How Can I Find Steel Buildings to Suit My Needs?

Carport Express understands that most people haven’t got the time to find the best resource in their area. It takes time to research websites, compare prices, determine workmanship quality, negotiate prices, find dependable installers and choose proper materials. There may be ten local companies all stating that they have the finest quality materials, best prices and professional installation. How to choose?

That’s where Carport Express comes in! We have the resources to match you with the perfect provider for the unique structure that you need. Our experience and vast network of trustworthy local companies allows us to make the best choice for your project. Our leverage in this business allows us to work with the top manufacturers and obtain the best pricing. Installation is usually included in the final price, depending on the final choice of manufacturer. Financing is easier when working with us, since our reputation allows us to pass along financing options that you won’t find elsewhere.

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