The freedoms we enjoy in this country are truly amazing. We are free to pursue the American dream and provide a good life for our families. For many, this includes owning some property you can call your own. But one of the biggest challenges for homeowners is keeping their property safe and secure. When it comes to cars, boats, vehicles, and other property, metal garages are an ideal way to get affordable protection. To start, metal garages are much more cost-effective than a traditional stick-built or prefab garage. Plus, the galvanized steel offers superior protection, strength, and durability. You can even customize them with numerous color, garage door and roof styling options. They can complement your home or stand out with a personality of their own.

When it comes to a prefab metal garage or metal buildings, Carport Express is the premier metal building specialist and custom garage dealer. They believe in offering customers the best possible garage kits at the best price. Often, this means the lowest price. But it always means providing the maximum possible value. Other companies may offer low prices but not the same level of quality. And that’s what it’s all about when it comes to a garage building. So, if you’re looking for a custom metal garage or metal garage kit, contact the experts today. Check out the value Carport Express offers below.

Benefits of Metal Garages

Metal garages offer numerous benefits because they are made from steel. A steel building offers added strength at reduced cost and weight. Check out the many benefits below:

  • Strength—a metal garage is strong because it is made from galvanized steel. Galvanized steel offers unbeatable strength properties at a fraction of the cost and weight of other materials. That means that they offer superior protection and storage space at far less the cost of traditional garages. Rest assured knowing your vehicles and property are safe.
  • Versatility—a steel garage can be used in a wide variety of ways. Sure, they are perfect for storing your cars, boats, RVs, and other vehicles. But they are also perfectly suited for many other applications. A garage is a perfect spot for your hobby materials, a man cave, a home brewery, sports equipment, and more. Turn that garage space into the center for whatever hobby or business you are into!
  • Durability—steel is both extremely strong and durable. That means that they can last for decades or more, unlike other materials. So, it’s an investment that will pay off for a long time to come. The strength of the building is important during inclement weather. The wind, rain and snow will not cause any issues with a metal garage.
  • Cost Efficiency—a good investment should never be cheap. Instead, the focus should be on value. And a metal garage offers a tremendous cost-benefit ratio. To start, they are far less expensive than traditional, stick-built garages. That means that everything from installation to upkeep is inexpensive. And when you factor in how long they last, that value gets even higher.

Even More Benefits

But the benefits don’t stop there. A metal garage also offers:

  • Endless Customization—one of the best things about metal garages is their versatility (explained above). A big part of that benefit is that they can be customized to suit any property or homeowner. In fact, steel garages come in just about every conceivable size, style, and design. Homeowners can choose the perfect combination to match their home and what they’ll use it for. Maybe you have specialty vehicles. Choose a garage door that will accommodate them easily for maximum efficiency. After all, whatever door size or style you need should be available for your custom building.
  • Roof Options— you may think that a garage has to have a simple, squared roof. But the roof options on a garage are as endless as other options. Whether you prefer a barn style, traditional, or other roof style, you’re in luck.
  • Ease of Installation—steel garages come in kits with detailed instructions. That means that the average homeowner can put it together themselves correctly. But maybe you’d prefer not to do that. In that case, an expert or handyman can put it together quickly. In either case, you’ll enjoy tremendous savings over traditionally-built garages.
  • Easy Maintenance—another big benefit of a metal garage is the easy maintenance. Unlike traditional garages, they do not have to be painted or repaired. In fact, homeowners often just need to hose them off to keep them clean. That makes them perfect for people who want the benefits but not the maintenance.

Why Buy from Carport Express?

Carport Express is the premier dealer for steel garages, buildings, carports, and more. They have a massive inventory of top-quality, pre-engineered steel buildings. That means they can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a metal building. Even better, they can do it to fit your budget and your schedule. So, what makes them the best place to buy your metal garage?

The answer is simple, really. They have the experience and the authority that customers can benefit from. Most importantly, they have built over the years a nationwide network of the industry’s top manufacturers. They have strong working relationships with all the biggest names, including:

  • Eagle Carports
  • Eastcoast Carports
  • American Carports
  • Five Star Metal Buildings
  • Best Choice Metal Structures
  • Steel Buildings & Structures
  • And many more!

For customers, this means that you have access to the best inventory in the country. Even better, it means that these manufacturers are competing to win your business. That results in the best pricing around and great options, like flexible financing. Carport Express relays prices and options from these manufacturers to their customers. This offers every customer the widest range of choices at the lowest prices. In addition, they have all the latest information on location, budget, timeframe expectations, materials, products, and much more.

In essence, Carport Express searches all options and presents those to customers. In the process, they help drive down the cost of these buildings. It’s very similar to the way that a flight or hotel website searches different brands. The idea is to make these large companies compete for business in order to lower costs. Through years of working with these manufacturers, they have negotiated the best prices on all products. And by selling at a high volume, they continue to enjoy the best terms.

The Leader in Metal Buildings

Carport Express offers more than just the best metal garage or detached garage money can buy. They offer a number of metal buildings that will suit any property. Check out their selection below:

  • Steel Carports—the elements can be devastating to cars and other vehicles. Sun, rain, wind, hail, and more can wreak havoc on them and lessen their value. A metal carport from Carport Express will protect your vehicle from these elements. They offer great value and protection and are perfect for many properties.
  • Storage Garages—in some cases, protecting against the elements isn’t enough. For example, cars, vehicles, and other property are very valuable. So, when you want added security, a steel garage is the way to go. They keep cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles safe and offer peace of mind. Best of all, they are highly customizable, so they will be both functional and attractive on your property.
  • Steel Barns—a steel barn offers the traditional barn looks and features with top-quality security features. Carport Express can help you find the ideal design and layout for any application. That means a barn can be used for storage, workspace, your favorite hobby, an office, and much more.
  • Clear Span Buildings—large projects require large spaces. When projects require more space than a garage or barn can provide, a clear span building is the ideal choice. For example, companies that work on construction vehicles or airplanes require wide-open spaces. Clear span buildings are pre-engineered, energy-efficient, and ultra-high-quality. So, they are the perfect choice for many commercial uses.

Need Flexible Payment Options? They Can Help!

In these uncertain economic times, budgets can be tight. That’s why Carport Express offers multiple payment options. Choose the one that works best for your requirements:

  • Buy—buying a product outright is the most common way to make a purchase. It is also the most time-honored option. As long as human commerce has existed, people have been buying products outright. To be sure, there are numerous benefits to this option. Most importantly, buying outright eliminates fees and charges that come with financing. That makes a metal garage from Carport Express even more budget-friendly. As compared to a traditional stick-built garage, a steel garage offers affordable benefits. First, they are very cost-effective and much cheaper than traditional, wood garages. So, it can be easy to save for a metal garage and buy it outright. Plus, buying from Carport Express means getting the best deal possible. Customers can leverage their nationwide network of manufacturers to get the best price.
  • Finance—while paying upfront may often be preferable, it is often not possible. After all, who among us has enough cash on hand to just pay cash for everything? This is especially true in these uncertain economic times. Luckily, Carport Express offers a variety of financing options to qualified customers. They utilize their relationship with top metal building manufacturers to offer flexible financing terms. That means you can start protecting your property today and enjoy flexible payment options until it’s paid off.
  • Rent-to-Own—this option is often overlooked but can be a great choice for many customers. Renting-to-own allows customers to start enjoying a metal garage immediately. Start by making affordable rental payments as long as you need to. In the future, customers have the option to apply those payments toward the cost of ownership. Carport Express does this through special rental agreements with certain manufacturers.

Get Your Free Quote Today

Whether you need a metal garage, carport, or other metal building, Carport Express is your destination. As the industry’s leading metal building specialist, they offer the best products at the best prices. So, you can get your storage building, enclosed garage, or metal barn at the best possible price. Plus, they work with top manufacturers, which means you have virtually endless customization options. From roof colors to door styles, you can choose the option that best suits your home and style. Interested in a vertical roof style for a unique look? Or, maybe you prefer a regular roof with an extra wide steel door.

Clearly, a steel garage kit offers many benefits and customization options. So, how much do all these benefits cost? Well, it can be difficult to list exact prices. After all, the endless customization options mean that almost no two configurations are the same. But that doesn’t mean customers should have to go without this key information before proceeding. Carport Express understands that budget is often the most important factor for customers. That’s why they make it easy to get this key information. Simply fill out this form and they will be in touch with a free quote. That way, you can get a realistic idea of what to expect cost-wise for exactly what you want.

Maybe you’re just starting your search for a steel garage or building. Or, maybe you haven’t started looking, but need some more storage space. No matter where you are in the process, Carport Express can help. In addition to offering free quotes, they can help answer any questions you may have. Just contact the experts today to get the process started.

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