There’s no doubt about it: America is the greatest country on Earth. One of the best parts about our country is the freedom it offers us. We are free to pursue our dreams and provide for our families. For many of us, that dream includes owning a piece of land to call our own. With that land comes the need for property security and protection. But what about our vehicles or equipment? What about when the building on your property gets too small for your needs? That’s where adding a building to your property comes in. But not just any building will do. It takes a quality building from a reputable dealer to solve challenges properly. A metal barn from Carport Express is the ideal solution for many of these challenges. These barns can be used for a wide range of activities, from office space to hobby area or storage. Plus. These barns are made from galvanized steel, so they offer superior strength and durability. Coupled with the fact that they are more cost-effective than other buildings, they are a no-brainer. So, if you’re looking for the perfect metal barn, check out how Carport Express can deliver.

What is a Metal Barn Anyway?

A metal barn is a steel building that has the design and practical elements of a traditional barn. Often called a pole barn, these traditional barns use poles as primary support structures. These poles are buried in the ground and support the outer walls and roof trusses. Often, these poles are made of wood, as are the support beams used in them. As such, they can be very heavy and very sturdy. However, there are many drawbacks to this type of barn. To start, they can be very expensive to buy, install, and maintain. Next, due to their weight, they almost always need a concrete foundation. Of course, this depends on size, configuration, and what it will be used for.

Metal barns, on the other hand, are made entirely from steel. This type of building is made from steel columns attached to steel rafter beams to create a single frame. These frames attach to the foundation roughly every 20 feet or so. This creates space between the frames, known as bays. By offering the rugged durability of steel, these buildings can be incredibly strong and lighter than wood barns. In fact, metal barns can offer a number of benefits. We’ll discuss these steel structures in further detail.

Benefits of a Steel Barn

Metal barns offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Durability—one of the most attractive benefits of metal barns is their inherent durability. After all, metal is very strong and durable on its own, especially steel. In fact, steel is resistant to rot, mold, pests such as termites, and softening. All of these are very real risks for traditional or pole barns. The galvanized steel used in metal buildings from Carport Express is high-quality and will last for generations to come.
  • Affordability—when it comes to protecting your property, you don’t want the cheapest option. Rather, you want the best value. Steel structures seem as though they would cost more, but metal offers an unbeatable cost-to-benefit ratio.
  • Customizability—these barns can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. As a result, they can be customized to complement any home or business structure on your property. Choose the right roof style, color, texture, and other features to build it exactly as you want it to look.
  • Strength—as you might imagine, metal has several advantages over wood. Especially when it comes to use in a building. To start, metal is much lighter than all types of wood. In many cases, a metal barn is even cheaper than a wood barn. But the real benefit is the strength-to-weight ratio offered by metal. Despite being lightweight, it is extremely strong and secure. So, metal is the idea choice for protecting your valuable property.
  • Ease of Ownership—each barn from Carport Express comes in a simple barn kit. This makes them easy to ship and easy to install. In fact, they are simple enough that they can be put together by homeowners themselves. Or, hire a professional to put it up for you. Another benefit that makes life easy for you is that there is very little maintenance required of these steel buildings. Just hose them off occasionally with water and you’re done. So, you’ll save time and money over other options.

Flexible Uses

Another primary benefit of a metal building is the many options for using them. Many people use a barn for storage. And this is a great use of the space. After all, it can help clear out the clutter from a house, garage, or attic. Even better, they can be the ideal place to keep this property safe and protected. That goes for personal belongings, like pictures or clothes, or professional equipment, like tractors or vehicles. Or, there is always the traditional use of a barn. Keep your horse or other livestock safe and sound. That makes a horse barn a perfect choice for use on a farm or just a home in a rural area where you are keeping some animals.

Most barn design options are even big enough for a number of functions. So, you can use it for storage and also for other purposes. A workshop is one of the many great uses of a barn. This is true of virtually any type of business. Let’s say you own a farm or just a fair amount of land. Taking care of that land requires tools, vehicles, and other equipment. A metal building is the ideal storage for this equipment. It keeps the equipment both safe from the elements and protected against animals or other people. But it can also be the perfect setting for woodworking projects, restoring an old car, and much more.

Where You Buy Your Barn Matters

Prefer a carport or garage? Carport Express also offers metal garages, carports, and other metal building choices. In fact, they are the premier resource for any of these metal buildings. That’s because they believe in offering value to customers. Competitors may lower their prices, but they also offer inferior products. Carport Express delivers for each and every customer. So, what makes them so special?

The answer is simple. Carport Express combines experience and authority that customers benefit from. They carry only top-quality products from the best manufacturers, including:

  • Eagle Carports
  • Eastcoast Carports
  • American Carports
  • Five Star Metal Buildings
  • Best Choice Metal Structures
  • Steel Buildings & Structures
  • And many more!

When you need to buy a plane ticket or rent a car, how do you do it? Do you simply log on to the first website available and pay whatever they’re charging for any car? Of course not! That’s because doing so would very likely waste your hard-earned money. So, do you then go with the absolute lowest price no matter who is offering? Probably not, because reputation means a lot. You probably search around and maybe even use a tool to find the lowest price among competitors.

This is similar to what Carport Express does for its customers. They work with the industry’s top manufacturers. By maintaining good working relationships, they can offer the best products and prices from these manufacturers. And by making them compete for business, they can offer customers the lower price. This also results in great options, like flexible financing. Additionally, they have all the latest information on location, budget, timeframe expectations, materials, products, and much more.

Friendly, Flexible Financing Options

In this economy, budgets are more important than ever. Unfortunately, that means that we don’t always have money saved up for the things we need. But does that mean you should go without a metal building to store and protect your property? Carport Express doesn’t think so. That’s why they offer multiple payment options:

  • Buy—it’s hard to argue with the merits of buying something outright. After all, it is the most common and most time-honored way of doing it. And it’s not hard to see why. Buying outright avoids fees, service charges, and other added expenses. So, that means that you’re often getting the best possible price on the product you’re buying. And when you buy from Carport Express, it means you’re getting the best price on an already great deal. Since you’re getting the best price, it might be easy or worth saving up to buy a barn.
  • Finance—another option is to finance your purchase. Of course, buying something outright might be the preferred way of doing it. But how realistic is that option, especially in this day and age? Uncertain economic times means budgets don’t go as far as they used to. But that’s okay. Carport Express offers friendly, flexible financing options to qualified customers. They work with the industry’s top manufacturers to secure these friendly financing terms. Then, they pass those options along to their customers. So, you can start protecting your property immediately and enjoy affordable payments until you own it.
  • Rent-to-Own—sometimes, this option is overlooked when considering how you will pay for your building. But it is often a great choice for many customers. This allows customers to get their new building immediately and make affordable payments. Customers can rent and use the building on a monthly basis. But they also have the option to apply those payments towards ownership.

Free Quotes Available

Carport Express is the premier destination for new metal barns, carports, or other metal buildings. They offer the best products at the best prices. That means that each and every customer can enjoy top quality products on virtually any budget. And their financing options make it easy to get that new building sooner than you may have thought possible. Their strong relationships with manufacturers ensure that they can always provide the lowest metal barn prices. But it also means that customers have such a wide variety of customization options. From roof colors to door styles, customers can choose the option that best suits their property and style. For example, a vertical roof style provides a unique and functional look. Others may prefer extra wide doors for getting vehicles in and out. No matter what style customers prefer, they can help deliver it to them.

So, it’s clear that a steel barn offers many benefits, but how much does all of this cost? As with anything that can be customized so much, prices can vary wildly. After all, a small, standard building with no foundation can be very inexpensive. A huge barn that will be used for housing a business will cost more. But Carport Express knows customers need an estimate for planning purposes before they buy. That’s why they make it easy for customers to get this much-needed information. Customers just have to fill out this quick and easy form and Carport Express’ experts will be in touch with a free quote. Customers can also contact the experts with any questions or to get more information.

Prefer to talk to someone directly? Give them a call today at 800-826-4849 to get started.