When it comes to metal buildings, what is most important? For some people, the lowest price is the ultimate deciding factor. But any expert will tell you that most often, the lowest price choice is never going to be the best option. Instead, experts agree that the focus should be on quality. After all, these metal buildings will be used to protect valuable property, hold people for events, store a company’s inventory, and much more. So, you want to be sure that quality is not sacrificed for the sake of price. When checking out clear span buildings prices, you don’t have to compromise when you choose Carport Express.

Carport Express is the building specialist you can trust to get you the best quality at the lowest prices. They offer multiple steel building configurations, including carport and barn options. Best of all, they help clients find the building that fits their size needs. And they have years of experience and authority in the steel building industry. That means they make the industry’s top manufacturers compete for your business. The result? Carport Express clients get the best clear span buildings prices without sacrificing quality.

What is a Clear Span Building?

A clear span building is a type of steel building that offers spacious interiors for lots of usable space. This type of metal building is made from a rigid frame of steel. The span refers to the width of the framing. A clear span refers to a wide distance without supporting columns. Due to the steel structure and unique design, these frames can be very far apart. The lack of interior columns provides many square feet of work or storage space. A span building, therefore, is ideal for use as a storage building, commercial building, or aircraft hangar. In other words, anything that requires lots of open space can be housed in a clear span structure. As a matter of fact, clear span structures are often referred to as the “building of 1,000 uses.” That’s because they are so versatile and adaptable to virtually any application.

That versatility is exactly what makes them so practical. Unlike most other types of buildings, a clear span building does not need typical support columns. This is due to their steel “A-frame” shape. The structural integrity of this design and the steel makes them strong enough to hold the load of the ceiling. In fact, all of the support for the ceiling and walls of the structure comes from the A-frame. What’s more, their unique design means they often require minimal foundation requirements. So, whether you need storage for large vehicles or equipment or something else, a clear span building is perfect. They are used in everything from agricultural facilities to storage warehouses to athletic facilities.

What’s So Special about a Clear Span Building?

So, what’s so special about these types of buildings? There are many different factors that make them advantageous for a range of applications. When wide-open space is key, there is no better option. Check out the many benefits below:

  • Cost-Effectiveness—when it comes to buildings, you never want the cheapest option. Rather, you want the option that will deliver the most bang for your buck. Clear span structures combine tremendous strength with incredible durability. Metal is not cheap, but it does offer a tremendous value over other materials. So, the value metal can deliver per square foot will eclipse traditional wood structures. There will be no sanding and painting on a metal building…there is virtually no maintenance other than washing it periodically.
  • Versatility—these buildings are supported entirely by their framework. So, there are no poles or support columns taking up room in the interior. This enables wide-open spaces that just aren’t possible with other types of structures. For example, there are no beams to obstruct views. So, they are perfect for performances or other events with a crowd. Storing large items, vehicles or equipment…no problem!
  • Customization—besides being versatile, clear span structures offer incredible customization options. Support rafters and other extensions can be added on down the road. That means that the building you buy today can be easily extended down the road. Plus, they come in a range of colors and a variety of configurations.
  • Flexibility—this is another key benefit of this type of structure. As with tents, these structures are easy to set-up, break down, and move. In fact, they are highly transportable because all of their parts fit on standard-sized trucks and trailers. So, a single crew can install in just a few hours, not days or weeks. Plus, construction and moving equipment can be maneuvered freely. So, you don’t have to worry about damaging the structure or causing it to collapse.

What Sizes Can They Be?

As explained above, one of the biggest benefits of clear span buildings is their versatility. The size that you need, is the size you can order. Because of the unique design, they can be set up and broken down very quickly. This unique design is also what makes them perfect for a number of applications. They make ideal storage warehouses because they are strong and durable and have tons of space. Similarly, since no columns block views, they are perfect for churches or schools. They are even perfect for storing large equipment, like construction vehicles, cranes and dump trucks, or small aircraft. So, how big can these buildings be?

The simple answer is that they can be virtually any size. The unique A-frame design makes them highly flexible. Typically, these frames come in widths up to 60 feet and any length that you need. So, they can be as long as the application requires them to be. Plus, they are expandable, so you can buy one length now and have the possibility of adding frames later. Truss spacing is roughly 4 feet on center, sometimes less. On top of that, these buildings come with roof options. A typical A-frame has a pitched vertical roof. However, there are other options available for different applications. So, these clear span structures are perfect for just about any function imaginable. Every building is actually a custom building, since you can configure the design according to your unique requirements.

Why Buy from Carport Express?

When you buy a car, a plane ticket, or most other big-ticket items, what do you do? Chances are you don’t just pay whatever the price is of the first item you see. More than likely, you do your research and pick the best option for you. What’s more, you probably search to find the best possible price on the product you want. For things like plane tickets, hotels, or vacations, you may even use a site that aggregates prices for easy comparison. And it’s easy to see the merits of doing things this way. The simple truth is that when companies compete for business, consumers win.

This is the same concept Carport Express uses in helping customers save money. They have spent many years building out a network of relationships with top manufacturers. Having established these relationships, they enjoy mutually beneficial arrangements with these manufacturers. This includes lower pricing and financing options. For customers, this means better prices and more options. The experts at Carport Express work to gather the latest specifications and pricing information from these manufacturers. This allows them to offer the widest range of choices at the lowest prices. They also provide other information, such as location, budget, timeframe expectations, materials, products, and much more.

The guiding philosophy behind this approach is value. Carport Express doesn’t want to just offer the lowest-priced products. After all, other companies might be able to offer low prices. But they certainly don’t provide the same level of quality. Let Carport Express do the work in finding you the best deal. You can enjoy your product even more knowing you got the best deal!

Flexible Payment Options

It’s often difficult to save for a large purchase. Unexpected changes in the economy and our daily lives are just a few obstacles that get in the way of saving cash for a special purchase. Fortunately, Carport Express offers several different buying options, so you don’t have to wait any longer to purchase your new metal building. Carport Express has three purchase options, including:

  1. Buy—as always, you can purchase your new carport or metal building with cash. This method is usually the most cost-effective, as there is not any interest or long-standing installments. When you save enough money to buy your metal building with cash, you want to be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Carport Express offers outstanding quality at affordable prices. With Carport Express’ commitment to excellence, you can trust that your property will be enhanced dramatically.
  2. Finance—when saving enough money for a large purchase isn’t an option, you may feel out of luck. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to purchase your quality building from Carport Express. There are several different financing options to choose from, so you can pick the best financing to suit your financial needs. Carport Express works directly with the best manufacturers. Because of this, Carport Express is able to offer wonderful financing options. With this financing option, you can start enhancing your property today without having to wait! Contact Carport Express today to find out which financing choice bests suits you.
  3. Rent-to-Own—if buying with cash and financing aren’t for you, Carport Express offers a third option. Renting-to-own gives you the advantage of protecting your property immediately, while making affordable payments. Renting-to-own offers flexibility in uncertain times. Contact Carport Express for details.

Clear Span Buildings Prices – How Much Do They Cost?

It’s evident that a clear span building can offer numerous benefits and flexibility. The fact that this type of building is made from high-quality steel makes it an incredibly strong structure. And it’s exactly this strength that enables them to offer so much space in the width of the span. The unique metal frame design makes it versatile enough for virtually any application. So, what are clear span buildings prices anyway?

As is the case with any metal building project, it can be difficult to provide flat, list pricing. For example, a small, simple metal building with few customizations can be very inexpensive. On the other hand, a gigantic metal barn or other steel building with numerous customizations can be quite a bit more. Plus, everything from size to quality of materials to design and more can impact cost.

Luckily, the experts at Carport Express know that budget is a key factor in deciding what kind of building to buy. That’s why they make it so easy to contact their friendly team to get the help you need. You can provide your information and any specifics about your needs or questions you may have, and they’ll get back to you. Ready for some pricing? They make it easy to get a free quote on one of their top-quality steel buildings. Because their goal is to help customers, they want to make every aspect as easy as possible. Just fill out their easy-to-use quote form and they will be in touch. Best of all, you can rest assured that these quotes come with absolutely no obligation to buy. So, you can get this information now for when you need it—whether that’s very soon or in the future.

Rather talk to someone in person? Give them a call at 800-826-4849 to speak with an expert today.

There’s no doubt about it: America is the greatest country on Earth. One of the best parts about our country is the freedom it offers us. We are free to pursue our dreams and provide for our families. For many of us, that dream includes owning a piece of land to call our own. With that land comes the need for property security and protection. But what about our vehicles or equipment? What about when the building on your property gets too small for your needs? That’s where adding a building to your property comes in. But not just any building will do. It takes a quality building from a reputable dealer to solve challenges properly. A metal barn from Carport Express is the ideal solution for many of these challenges. These barns can be used for a wide range of activities, from office space to hobby area or storage. Plus. These barns are made from galvanized steel, so they offer superior strength and durability. Coupled with the fact that they are more cost-effective than other buildings, they are a no-brainer. So, if you’re looking for the perfect metal barn, check out how Carport Express can deliver.

What is a Metal Barn Anyway?

A metal barn is a steel building that has the design and practical elements of a traditional barn. Often called a pole barn, these traditional barns use poles as primary support structures. These poles are buried in the ground and support the outer walls and roof trusses. Often, these poles are made of wood, as are the support beams used in them. As such, they can be very heavy and very sturdy. However, there are many drawbacks to this type of barn. To start, they can be very expensive to buy, install, and maintain. Next, due to their weight, they almost always need a concrete foundation. Of course, this depends on size, configuration, and what it will be used for.

Metal barns, on the other hand, are made entirely from steel. This type of building is made from steel columns attached to steel rafter beams to create a single frame. These frames attach to the foundation roughly every 20 feet or so. This creates space between the frames, known as bays. By offering the rugged durability of steel, these buildings can be incredibly strong and lighter than wood barns. In fact, metal barns can offer a number of benefits. We’ll discuss these steel structures in further detail.

Benefits of a Steel Barn

Metal barns offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Durability—one of the most attractive benefits of metal barns is their inherent durability. After all, metal is very strong and durable on its own, especially steel. In fact, steel is resistant to rot, mold, pests such as termites, and softening. All of these are very real risks for traditional or pole barns. The galvanized steel used in metal buildings from Carport Express is high-quality and will last for generations to come.
  • Affordability—when it comes to protecting your property, you don’t want the cheapest option. Rather, you want the best value. Steel structures seem as though they would cost more, but metal offers an unbeatable cost-to-benefit ratio.
  • Customizability—these barns can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. As a result, they can be customized to complement any home or business structure on your property. Choose the right roof style, color, texture, and other features to build it exactly as you want it to look.
  • Strength—as you might imagine, metal has several advantages over wood. Especially when it comes to use in a building. To start, metal is much lighter than all types of wood. In many cases, a metal barn is even cheaper than a wood barn. But the real benefit is the strength-to-weight ratio offered by metal. Despite being lightweight, it is extremely strong and secure. So, metal is the idea choice for protecting your valuable property.
  • Ease of Ownership—each barn from Carport Express comes in a simple barn kit. This makes them easy to ship and easy to install. In fact, they are simple enough that they can be put together by homeowners themselves. Or, hire a professional to put it up for you. Another benefit that makes life easy for you is that there is very little maintenance required of these steel buildings. Just hose them off occasionally with water and you’re done. So, you’ll save time and money over other options.

Flexible Uses

Another primary benefit of a metal building is the many options for using them. Many people use a barn for storage. And this is a great use of the space. After all, it can help clear out the clutter from a house, garage, or attic. Even better, they can be the ideal place to keep this property safe and protected. That goes for personal belongings, like pictures or clothes, or professional equipment, like tractors or vehicles. Or, there is always the traditional use of a barn. Keep your horse or other livestock safe and sound. That makes a horse barn a perfect choice for use on a farm or just a home in a rural area where you are keeping some animals.

Most barn design options are even big enough for a number of functions. So, you can use it for storage and also for other purposes. A workshop is one of the many great uses of a barn. This is true of virtually any type of business. Let’s say you own a farm or just a fair amount of land. Taking care of that land requires tools, vehicles, and other equipment. A metal building is the ideal storage for this equipment. It keeps the equipment both safe from the elements and protected against animals or other people. But it can also be the perfect setting for woodworking projects, restoring an old car, and much more.

Where You Buy Your Barn Matters

Prefer a carport or garage? Carport Express also offers metal garages, carports, and other metal building choices. In fact, they are the premier resource for any of these metal buildings. That’s because they believe in offering value to customers. Competitors may lower their prices, but they also offer inferior products. Carport Express delivers for each and every customer. So, what makes them so special?

The answer is simple. Carport Express combines experience and authority that customers benefit from. They carry only top-quality products from the best manufacturers, including:

  • Eagle Carports
  • Eastcoast Carports
  • American Carports
  • Five Star Metal Buildings
  • Best Choice Metal Structures
  • Steel Buildings & Structures
  • And many more!

When you need to buy a plane ticket or rent a car, how do you do it? Do you simply log on to the first website available and pay whatever they’re charging for any car? Of course not! That’s because doing so would very likely waste your hard-earned money. So, do you then go with the absolute lowest price no matter who is offering? Probably not, because reputation means a lot. You probably search around and maybe even use a tool to find the lowest price among competitors.

This is similar to what Carport Express does for its customers. They work with the industry’s top manufacturers. By maintaining good working relationships, they can offer the best products and prices from these manufacturers. And by making them compete for business, they can offer customers the lower price. This also results in great options, like flexible financing. Additionally, they have all the latest information on location, budget, timeframe expectations, materials, products, and much more.

Friendly, Flexible Financing Options

In this economy, budgets are more important than ever. Unfortunately, that means that we don’t always have money saved up for the things we need. But does that mean you should go without a metal building to store and protect your property? Carport Express doesn’t think so. That’s why they offer multiple payment options:

  • Buy—it’s hard to argue with the merits of buying something outright. After all, it is the most common and most time-honored way of doing it. And it’s not hard to see why. Buying outright avoids fees, service charges, and other added expenses. So, that means that you’re often getting the best possible price on the product you’re buying. And when you buy from Carport Express, it means you’re getting the best price on an already great deal. Since you’re getting the best price, it might be easy or worth saving up to buy a barn.
  • Finance—another option is to finance your purchase. Of course, buying something outright might be the preferred way of doing it. But how realistic is that option, especially in this day and age? Uncertain economic times means budgets don’t go as far as they used to. But that’s okay. Carport Express offers friendly, flexible financing options to qualified customers. They work with the industry’s top manufacturers to secure these friendly financing terms. Then, they pass those options along to their customers. So, you can start protecting your property immediately and enjoy affordable payments until you own it.
  • Rent-to-Own—sometimes, this option is overlooked when considering how you will pay for your building. But it is often a great choice for many customers. This allows customers to get their new building immediately and make affordable payments. Customers can rent and use the building on a monthly basis. But they also have the option to apply those payments towards ownership.

Free Quotes Available

Carport Express is the premier destination for new metal barns, carports, or other metal buildings. They offer the best products at the best prices. That means that each and every customer can enjoy top quality products on virtually any budget. And their financing options make it easy to get that new building sooner than you may have thought possible. Their strong relationships with manufacturers ensure that they can always provide the lowest metal barn prices. But it also means that customers have such a wide variety of customization options. From roof colors to door styles, customers can choose the option that best suits their property and style. For example, a vertical roof style provides a unique and functional look. Others may prefer extra wide doors for getting vehicles in and out. No matter what style customers prefer, they can help deliver it to them.

So, it’s clear that a steel barn offers many benefits, but how much does all of this cost? As with anything that can be customized so much, prices can vary wildly. After all, a small, standard building with no foundation can be very inexpensive. A huge barn that will be used for housing a business will cost more. But Carport Express knows customers need an estimate for planning purposes before they buy. That’s why they make it easy for customers to get this much-needed information. Customers just have to fill out this quick and easy form and Carport Express’ experts will be in touch with a free quote. Customers can also contact the experts with any questions or to get more information.

Prefer to talk to someone directly? Give them a call today at 800-826-4849 to get started.

The freedoms we enjoy in this country are truly amazing. We are free to pursue the American dream and provide a good life for our families. For many, this includes owning some property you can call your own. But one of the biggest challenges for homeowners is keeping their property safe and secure. When it comes to cars, boats, vehicles, and other property, metal garages are an ideal way to get affordable protection. To start, metal garages are much more cost-effective than a traditional stick-built or prefab garage. Plus, the galvanized steel offers superior protection, strength, and durability. You can even customize them with numerous color, garage door and roof styling options. They can complement your home or stand out with a personality of their own.

When it comes to a prefab metal garage or metal buildings, Carport Express is the premier metal building specialist and custom garage dealer. They believe in offering customers the best possible garage kits at the best price. Often, this means the lowest price. But it always means providing the maximum possible value. Other companies may offer low prices but not the same level of quality. And that’s what it’s all about when it comes to a garage building. So, if you’re looking for a custom metal garage or metal garage kit, contact the experts today. Check out the value Carport Express offers below.

Benefits of Metal Garages

Metal garages offer numerous benefits because they are made from steel. A steel building offers added strength at reduced cost and weight. Check out the many benefits below:

  • Strength—a metal garage is strong because it is made from galvanized steel. Galvanized steel offers unbeatable strength properties at a fraction of the cost and weight of other materials. That means that they offer superior protection and storage space at far less the cost of traditional garages. Rest assured knowing your vehicles and property are safe.
  • Versatility—a steel garage can be used in a wide variety of ways. Sure, they are perfect for storing your cars, boats, RVs, and other vehicles. But they are also perfectly suited for many other applications. A garage is a perfect spot for your hobby materials, a man cave, a home brewery, sports equipment, and more. Turn that garage space into the center for whatever hobby or business you are into!
  • Durability—steel is both extremely strong and durable. That means that they can last for decades or more, unlike other materials. So, it’s an investment that will pay off for a long time to come. The strength of the building is important during inclement weather. The wind, rain and snow will not cause any issues with a metal garage.
  • Cost Efficiency—a good investment should never be cheap. Instead, the focus should be on value. And a metal garage offers a tremendous cost-benefit ratio. To start, they are far less expensive than traditional, stick-built garages. That means that everything from installation to upkeep is inexpensive. And when you factor in how long they last, that value gets even higher.

Even More Benefits

But the benefits don’t stop there. A metal garage also offers:

  • Endless Customization—one of the best things about metal garages is their versatility (explained above). A big part of that benefit is that they can be customized to suit any property or homeowner. In fact, steel garages come in just about every conceivable size, style, and design. Homeowners can choose the perfect combination to match their home and what they’ll use it for. Maybe you have specialty vehicles. Choose a garage door that will accommodate them easily for maximum efficiency. After all, whatever door size or style you need should be available for your custom building.
  • Roof Options— you may think that a garage has to have a simple, squared roof. But the roof options on a garage are as endless as other options. Whether you prefer a barn style, traditional, or other roof style, you’re in luck.
  • Ease of Installation—steel garages come in kits with detailed instructions. That means that the average homeowner can put it together themselves correctly. But maybe you’d prefer not to do that. In that case, an expert or handyman can put it together quickly. In either case, you’ll enjoy tremendous savings over traditionally-built garages.
  • Easy Maintenance—another big benefit of a metal garage is the easy maintenance. Unlike traditional garages, they do not have to be painted or repaired. In fact, homeowners often just need to hose them off to keep them clean. That makes them perfect for people who want the benefits but not the maintenance.

Why Buy from Carport Express?

Carport Express is the premier dealer for steel garages, buildings, carports, and more. They have a massive inventory of top-quality, pre-engineered steel buildings. That means they can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a metal building. Even better, they can do it to fit your budget and your schedule. So, what makes them the best place to buy your metal garage?

The answer is simple, really. They have the experience and the authority that customers can benefit from. Most importantly, they have built over the years a nationwide network of the industry’s top manufacturers. They have strong working relationships with all the biggest names, including:

  • Eagle Carports
  • Eastcoast Carports
  • American Carports
  • Five Star Metal Buildings
  • Best Choice Metal Structures
  • Steel Buildings & Structures
  • And many more!

For customers, this means that you have access to the best inventory in the country. Even better, it means that these manufacturers are competing to win your business. That results in the best pricing around and great options, like flexible financing. Carport Express relays prices and options from these manufacturers to their customers. This offers every customer the widest range of choices at the lowest prices. In addition, they have all the latest information on location, budget, timeframe expectations, materials, products, and much more.

In essence, Carport Express searches all options and presents those to customers. In the process, they help drive down the cost of these buildings. It’s very similar to the way that a flight or hotel website searches different brands. The idea is to make these large companies compete for business in order to lower costs. Through years of working with these manufacturers, they have negotiated the best prices on all products. And by selling at a high volume, they continue to enjoy the best terms.

The Leader in Metal Buildings

Carport Express offers more than just the best metal garage or detached garage money can buy. They offer a number of metal buildings that will suit any property. Check out their selection below:

  • Steel Carports—the elements can be devastating to cars and other vehicles. Sun, rain, wind, hail, and more can wreak havoc on them and lessen their value. A metal carport from Carport Express will protect your vehicle from these elements. They offer great value and protection and are perfect for many properties.
  • Storage Garages—in some cases, protecting against the elements isn’t enough. For example, cars, vehicles, and other property are very valuable. So, when you want added security, a steel garage is the way to go. They keep cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles safe and offer peace of mind. Best of all, they are highly customizable, so they will be both functional and attractive on your property.
  • Steel Barns—a steel barn offers the traditional barn looks and features with top-quality security features. Carport Express can help you find the ideal design and layout for any application. That means a barn can be used for storage, workspace, your favorite hobby, an office, and much more.
  • Clear Span Buildings—large projects require large spaces. When projects require more space than a garage or barn can provide, a clear span building is the ideal choice. For example, companies that work on construction vehicles or airplanes require wide-open spaces. Clear span buildings are pre-engineered, energy-efficient, and ultra-high-quality. So, they are the perfect choice for many commercial uses.

Need Flexible Payment Options? They Can Help!

In these uncertain economic times, budgets can be tight. That’s why Carport Express offers multiple payment options. Choose the one that works best for your requirements:

  • Buy—buying a product outright is the most common way to make a purchase. It is also the most time-honored option. As long as human commerce has existed, people have been buying products outright. To be sure, there are numerous benefits to this option. Most importantly, buying outright eliminates fees and charges that come with financing. That makes a metal garage from Carport Express even more budget-friendly. As compared to a traditional stick-built garage, a steel garage offers affordable benefits. First, they are very cost-effective and much cheaper than traditional, wood garages. So, it can be easy to save for a metal garage and buy it outright. Plus, buying from Carport Express means getting the best deal possible. Customers can leverage their nationwide network of manufacturers to get the best price.
  • Finance—while paying upfront may often be preferable, it is often not possible. After all, who among us has enough cash on hand to just pay cash for everything? This is especially true in these uncertain economic times. Luckily, Carport Express offers a variety of financing options to qualified customers. They utilize their relationship with top metal building manufacturers to offer flexible financing terms. That means you can start protecting your property today and enjoy flexible payment options until it’s paid off.
  • Rent-to-Own—this option is often overlooked but can be a great choice for many customers. Renting-to-own allows customers to start enjoying a metal garage immediately. Start by making affordable rental payments as long as you need to. In the future, customers have the option to apply those payments toward the cost of ownership. Carport Express does this through special rental agreements with certain manufacturers.

Get Your Free Quote Today

Whether you need a metal garage, carport, or other metal building, Carport Express is your destination. As the industry’s leading metal building specialist, they offer the best products at the best prices. So, you can get your storage building, enclosed garage, or metal barn at the best possible price. Plus, they work with top manufacturers, which means you have virtually endless customization options. From roof colors to door styles, you can choose the option that best suits your home and style. Interested in a vertical roof style for a unique look? Or, maybe you prefer a regular roof with an extra wide steel door.

Clearly, a steel garage kit offers many benefits and customization options. So, how much do all these benefits cost? Well, it can be difficult to list exact prices. After all, the endless customization options mean that almost no two configurations are the same. But that doesn’t mean customers should have to go without this key information before proceeding. Carport Express understands that budget is often the most important factor for customers. That’s why they make it easy to get this key information. Simply fill out this form and they will be in touch with a free quote. That way, you can get a realistic idea of what to expect cost-wise for exactly what you want.

Maybe you’re just starting your search for a steel garage or building. Or, maybe you haven’t started looking, but need some more storage space. No matter where you are in the process, Carport Express can help. In addition to offering free quotes, they can help answer any questions you may have. Just contact the experts today to get the process started.

Or, if you’d rather talk to someone, give them a call at 800-826-4849 to speak with an expert today.

Choosing the right type of building for residential or commercial use can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider, from size and design to materials. Of course, cost is also a major consideration. After all, most of us don’t have a budget where cost isn’t a huge factor. Most of us are looking to get the best bang for our buck. For example, a professional services company likely wants a building with many different offices for employees. But, if a business needs wide open spaces for completing its tasks, then there is one choice that stands above the rest. Clear span buildings offer a huge amount of space without support columns or other materials reducing that space. When a clear span metal building is made from steel, the metal withstands the forces of Mother Nature and will stay in excellent condition for many years. That makes them ideal for storage, construction a distribution center, a garage or many other uses. And there’s no better place to buy a clear span building from than Carport Express. They have the highest quality metal building options at the absolute best prices.

What is a Clear Span Building?

A clear span building is a type of steel building that lacks vertical support columns that most buildings need. The span of a building refers to the width of the framing. In other words, most buildings have support columns. But clear span metal buildings do not need this support system. The “clear span” refers to a stretch of open space free of these columns. That makes this type of metal building extremely useful for a wide range of applications. In fact, clear span buildings are sometimes referred to as “buildings of 1,000 uses” for that very reason.

These buildings have a steel frame shaped like an “A.” Due to the structural integrity of the metal, they do not require a traditional support system of columns. As such, all of the support for the ceiling and walls of the structure comes from the frame. That means they offer lots of open space, also referred to as span by many. This span is particularly useful for storage of very large items like cars or other vehicles. In fact, many aircraft hangars are clear span because there is so much space without barriers. The great width also makes them ideal for construction vehicles or storage or many other applications. In fact, their versatility is one of the things that makes them so valuable. They are used in everything from agricultural facilities to storage warehouses to athletic facilities.

Benefits of Clear Span Buildings

If what you need is a wide-open space, then clear span is the way to go. The clear span design structure offers high strength and durability. But they also offer cost-effectiveness and strength.

  • Versatility—these metal buildings come in fabric, metal or hybrid styles. They can be built almost anywhere and on many different foundations. That means they can also be easily disassembled to move them and then reassemble them in a new location.
  • Customization—one of the best aspects of a clear span building is the customization options. They can be designed to fit virtually any needs that someone or a company has. They come in a span of up to 60 feet wide and virtually any length. Truss spacing is roughly 4 feet on center, sometimes less.
  • Cost-Savings—metal offers a number of benefits. Although it is not cheap, it is very cost-effective. That means that the value it delivers per square foot is much more affordable than other materials. A metal clear span building offers great value for the money for a wide range of applications.
  • Flexibility—some metal buildings are good for one or two purposes. But clear span buildings can be used for just about anything. As mentioned, they serve as warehouses, garages, agricultural centers and hangars. In fact, many churches and schools employ clear span spaces to accommodate a larger audience with ideal views.

Why Buy from Carport Express?

Buying something directly from the source is not often the best way to do it. Think about how true this is in other facets of life. For example, when you go to book a plane ticket or a hotel, odds are you do it through a third party. These aggregator sites are popular because they make airlines or hotels compete for your business. This means lower prices for a better shopping experience. After all, getting the lowest price directly correlates to how happy you will be with your purchase.

That’s very similar to the way that Carport Express operates. They have existing, mutually-beneficial relationships with the nation’s top manufacturers. Through years of working with these manufacturers, they have negotiated the best prices on all products. And by selling so many, they continue to enjoy the best terms.

So, what does this mean for customers? Very simply, it means better prices, more options, and even the best financing options. Carport Express gathers the latest specifications and pricing information from their network of manufacturers. They then forward these options along to customers for the widest range of choices at the lowest prices. Of course, price is often one of the leading factors in the decision-making process. But they also provide other information, such as location, budget, timeframe expectations, materials, products, and much more. Since metal buildings are their specialty, their experts will provide guidance. If you aren’t certain of the type of building or structure that you need, they will help you make a decision. They can explain the best options to match your requirements for any type of storage building or steel structure.

Carport Express believes in providing customers the best possible product at the best price. When it comes right down to it, it’s about value. After all, other companies can provide low prices, but they can’t provide the same level of quality. Carport Express will act as your tool for finding the best price on metal buildings for your property. They make the buying process faster and simpler for customers. And it’s how they offer a distinct value to their customers.

Shop with Confidence with Their Design Software

They even make it easy to shop for what you need in the age of social distancing. Just use their sophisticated, but easy-to-use 3D Visualizer Tool. You can design the perfect building for your needs. Choose from options including:

  • Style—choose the right metal building for you. They offer carports, garages, sheds, clear span, commercial steel structures and many more building types.
  • Size—select the right width, length and height for your building.
  • Sides & Ends—which panel option is right for you? Choose from left lean, center, or right lean, as well as gable end and wall options.
  • Additional Options—select gauge of framing, wind/snow rating, screw colors, and more.
  • Doors, Windows, & Frame-outs—depending on use, doors or windows may be necessary.
  • Colors—Pick the right combination from 15 different color choices for the roof and trim.
  • Services—choose if you want the building installed over an existing structure, on a concrete foundation, or other options.
  • Roofing—in addition to the many style of buildings, there are roof options as well. You may want a roof with a steep slope if you are in an area that has heavy snowfall. Another choice would be for the roof to match the style of other buildings on your property. Every component of their metal buildings is customizable.

Once you make these decisions, you can request a quote and they will get back to you with the cost. That means that you could design, build, and purchase completely remotely. After all, the world has changed, but your need for a building likely hasn’t. And when you buy from Carport Express, you get the added benefits of receiving the best possible products at the best possible prices. So, you can shop from home and still receive the level of benefit you’d expect from an industry leader.

Choose Your Method of Payment

It’s not always possible to save for purchases ahead of time. Never has that been truer than in the current economic climate. But should that delay your need or ability to add a metal building to your property? Carport Express doesn’t think so. That’s why they offer three different options to pay for your new building.

  1. Buy—it’s hard to beat the time-honored practice of buying something with cash. And it’s not hard to see why. To start, buying something avoids charges, fees, and other ongoing cost commitments. From a big picture perspective, it’s also the absolute cheapest way to pay for something. This is especially true when buying from Carport Express, which offers the most affordable options on the market. Utilize their longstanding relationships to enjoy the lowest price possible. So, get your quality building at the best price and start protecting or enhancing your property today.
  2. Finance—unfortunately, paying outright with cash isn’t always an option for most of us. Even before this current crisis, unexpected costs can make paying cash impossible. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to wait. With Carport Express, you can get financing options that work for you. Their experts enjoy good working relationships with the nation’s top manufacturers. As part of these relationships, they are able to pass on financing options directly from the manufacturer. So, you can start protecting your property today and make affordable payments until it’s yours. Contact them to see what options are available to you.
  3. Rent-to-Own—renting to own is a great option for many customers. This option provides flexibility in ownership and numerous benefits. It lets you start enjoying your new building immediately. And, you have the option of applying these rental payments to cost of ownership. Contact them today to find out more.

So, How Much Does a Clear Span Building Cost?

It’s obvious that a clear span building offers a number of benefits. From cost-effectiveness to usable space, they are hard to beat for just about any application. In fact, their cost to benefit ratio far surpasses other types of metal buildings. So how much do they actually cost? As with many other things, it can be hard to provide a flat cost. After all, there are so many different options. Everything from quality to size to design options can make costs vary greatly. Then again, the experts at Carport Express know that budget is a key factor in deciding what kind of building to buy. That’s why they make it so easy to contact their friendly team to get the help you need. All you have to do is fill in your contact information and your question. They will get back to you very quickly and provide the answers you’re looking for.

Plus, they even make it easy to get a free quote on one of these steel buildings. While many other companies use quotes to lure you in, Carport Express believes in providing customers information. This includes pricing, because they want to make sure every customer gets what they need at the best price. Best of all, these free quotes come with no obligation to buy. So, you can get the information you need to plan your steel building effectively. Just fill out their easy-to-use quote form and they will be in touch.

Prefer to talk to someone in person? Give them a call at 800-826-4849 to speak with an expert today.