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Clear Span Buildings Offer Numerous Benefits

Choosing the right type of building for residential or commercial use can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider, from size and design to materials. Of course, cost is also a major consideration. After all, most of us don’t have a budget where cost isn’t a huge factor. Most of us are looking to get the best bang for our buck. For example, a professional services company likely wants a building with many different offices for employees. But, if a business needs wide open spaces for completing its tasks, then there is one choice that stands above the rest. Clear span buildings offer a huge amount of space without support columns or other materials reducing that space. When a clear span metal building is made from steel, the metal withstands the forces of Mother Nature and will stay in excellent condition for many years. That makes them ideal for storage, construction a distribution center, a garage or many other uses. And there’s no better place to buy a clear span building from than Carport Express. They have the highest quality metal building options at the absolute best prices.

What is a Clear Span Building?

A clear span building is a type of steel building that lacks vertical support columns that most buildings need. The span of a building refers to the width of the framing. In other words, most buildings have support columns. But clear span metal buildings do not need this support system. The “clear span” refers to a stretch of open space free of these columns. That makes this type of metal building extremely useful for a wide range of applications. In fact, clear span buildings are sometimes referred to as “buildings of 1,000 uses” for that very reason.

These buildings have a steel frame shaped like an “A.” Due to the structural integrity of the metal, they do not require a traditional support system of columns. As such, all of the support for the ceiling and walls of the structure comes from the frame. That means they offer lots of open space, also referred to as span by many. This span is particularly useful for storage of very large items like cars or other vehicles. In fact, many aircraft hangars are clear span because there is so much space without barriers. The great width also makes them ideal for construction vehicles or storage or many other applications. In fact, their versatility is one of the things that makes them so valuable. They are used in everything from agricultural facilities to storage warehouses to athletic facilities.

Benefits of Clear Span Buildings

If what you need is a wide-open space, then clear span is the way to go. The clear span design structure offers high strength and durability. But they also offer cost-effectiveness and strength.

  • Versatility—these metal buildings come in fabric, metal or hybrid styles. They can be built almost anywhere and on many different foundations. That means they can also be easily disassembled to move them and then reassemble them in a new location.
  • Customization—one of the best aspects of a clear span building is the customization options. They can be designed to fit virtually any needs that someone or a company has. They come in a span of up to 60 feet wide and virtually any length. Truss spacing is roughly 4 feet on center, sometimes less.
  • Cost-Savings—metal offers a number of benefits. Although it is not cheap, it is very cost-effective. That means that the value it delivers per square foot is much more affordable than other materials. A metal clear span building offers great value for the money for a wide range of applications.
  • Flexibility—some metal buildings are good for one or two purposes. But clear span buildings can be used for just about anything. As mentioned, they serve as warehouses, garages, agricultural centers and hangars. In fact, many churches and schools employ clear span spaces to accommodate a larger audience with ideal views.

Why Buy from Carport Express?

Buying something directly from the source is not often the best way to do it. Think about how true this is in other facets of life. For example, when you go to book a plane ticket or a hotel, odds are you do it through a third party. These aggregator sites are popular because they make airlines or hotels compete for your business. This means lower prices for a better shopping experience. After all, getting the lowest price directly correlates to how happy you will be with your purchase.

That’s very similar to the way that Carport Express operates. They have existing, mutually-beneficial relationships with the nation’s top manufacturers. Through years of working with these manufacturers, they have negotiated the best prices on all products. And by selling so many, they continue to enjoy the best terms.

So, what does this mean for customers? Very simply, it means better prices, more options, and even the best financing options. Carport Express gathers the latest specifications and pricing information from their network of manufacturers. They then forward these options along to customers for the widest range of choices at the lowest prices. Of course, price is often one of the leading factors in the decision-making process. But they also provide other information, such as location, budget, timeframe expectations, materials, products, and much more. Since metal buildings are their specialty, their experts will provide guidance. If you aren’t certain of the type of building or structure that you need, they will help you make a decision. They can explain the best options to match your requirements for any type of storage building or steel structure.

Carport Express believes in providing customers the best possible product at the best price. When it comes right down to it, it’s about value. After all, other companies can provide low prices, but they can’t provide the same level of quality. Carport Express will act as your tool for finding the best price on metal buildings for your property. They make the buying process faster and simpler for customers. And it’s how they offer a distinct value to their customers.

Shop with Confidence with Their Design Software

They even make it easy to shop for what you need in the age of social distancing. Just use their sophisticated, but easy-to-use 3D Visualizer Tool. You can design the perfect building for your needs. Choose from options including:

  • Style—choose the right metal building for you. They offer carports, garages, sheds, clear span, commercial steel structures and many more building types.
  • Size—select the right width, length and height for your building.
  • Sides & Ends—which panel option is right for you? Choose from left lean, center, or right lean, as well as gable end and wall options.
  • Additional Options—select gauge of framing, wind/snow rating, screw colors, and more.
  • Doors, Windows, & Frame-outs—depending on use, doors or windows may be necessary.
  • Colors—Pick the right combination from 15 different color choices for the roof and trim.
  • Services—choose if you want the building installed over an existing structure, on a concrete foundation, or other options.
  • Roofing—in addition to the many style of buildings, there are roof options as well. You may want a roof with a steep slope if you are in an area that has heavy snowfall. Another choice would be for the roof to match the style of other buildings on your property. Every component of their metal buildings is customizable.

Once you make these decisions, you can request a quote and they will get back to you with the cost. That means that you could design, build, and purchase completely remotely. After all, the world has changed, but your need for a building likely hasn’t. And when you buy from Carport Express, you get the added benefits of receiving the best possible products at the best possible prices. So, you can shop from home and still receive the level of benefit you’d expect from an industry leader.

Choose Your Method of Payment

It’s not always possible to save for purchases ahead of time. Never has that been truer than in the current economic climate. But should that delay your need or ability to add a metal building to your property? Carport Express doesn’t think so. That’s why they offer three different options to pay for your new building.

  1. Buy—it’s hard to beat the time-honored practice of buying something with cash. And it’s not hard to see why. To start, buying something avoids charges, fees, and other ongoing cost commitments. From a big picture perspective, it’s also the absolute cheapest way to pay for something. This is especially true when buying from Carport Express, which offers the most affordable options on the market. Utilize their longstanding relationships to enjoy the lowest price possible. So, get your quality building at the best price and start protecting or enhancing your property today.
  2. Finance—unfortunately, paying outright with cash isn’t always an option for most of us. Even before this current crisis, unexpected costs can make paying cash impossible. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to wait. With Carport Express, you can get financing options that work for you. Their experts enjoy good working relationships with the nation’s top manufacturers. As part of these relationships, they are able to pass on financing options directly from the manufacturer. So, you can start protecting your property today and make affordable payments until it’s yours. Contact them to see what options are available to you.
  3. Rent-to-Own—renting to own is a great option for many customers. This option provides flexibility in ownership and numerous benefits. It lets you start enjoying your new building immediately. And, you have the option of applying these rental payments to cost of ownership. Contact them today to find out more.

So, How Much Does a Clear Span Building Cost?

It’s obvious that a clear span building offers a number of benefits. From cost-effectiveness to usable space, they are hard to beat for just about any application. In fact, their cost to benefit ratio far surpasses other types of metal buildings. So how much do they actually cost? As with many other things, it can be hard to provide a flat cost. After all, there are so many different options. Everything from quality to size to design options can make costs vary greatly. Then again, the experts at Carport Express know that budget is a key factor in deciding what kind of building to buy. That’s why they make it so easy to contact their friendly team to get the help you need. All you have to do is fill in your contact information and your question. They will get back to you very quickly and provide the answers you’re looking for.

Plus, they even make it easy to get a free quote on one of these steel buildings. While many other companies use quotes to lure you in, Carport Express believes in providing customers information. This includes pricing, because they want to make sure every customer gets what they need at the best price. Best of all, these free quotes come with no obligation to buy. So, you can get the information you need to plan your steel building effectively. Just fill out their easy-to-use quote form and they will be in touch.

Prefer to talk to someone in person? Give them a call at 800-826-4849 to speak with an expert today.