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Clear Span Buildings

Let’s find your perfect building in just a few easy steps. Get Started!

Clear Span Metal Building

A Clear Span Building

If you need wide-open spaces inside your building, you’re going to want a clear span design structure.  These buildings offer high-strength and durability.  Typical uses include agricultural, storage, warehouses, and athletic facilities.  Designed to fit most any need you have, they come in spans up to 6o feet wide and any length you need.  Truss spacing is 4 feet on center or less.

Clear Span Metal Building | Carport Express

Freedom to Move About

Today our customers require plenty of room to operate huge modern tractors, combines, threshers, and other farming equipment. Clear span metal buildings provide the room farmers and ranchers require.

Warehouse operations need wide-open space to access changing stock quickly and efficiently. Columns within the structure hamper maneuverability. Clear span metal buildings simplify the job.

Carport Express Clear Span Buildings

Clear Span Metal Buildings Are Flexible and Scaleable

The flexibility of a clear span structure is beneficial. Clear span buildings make adapting the interior easier. As needs for the space change over the years, it is simple to remove any of the interior walls without worrying about altering the structural integrity of the steel building. Make your space your own. Modify the interior of a clear span building without interior walls or supports getting in the way.



Keep your vehicle safe and clean. We work with all of the top manufacturers to ensure your new metal frame carport is made from the highest quality pre-engineered steel and installed by manufacturer-approved contractors.



When you need a separate storage space to securely keep your cars, trucks, or boats safe, you need a steel-engineered metal garage. Tell us what size and style you want. Look at our manufacturers' color charts and select your color from a wide variety of options. We handle the rest.



We have leverage with the top manufacturers of metal barns, so we tailor the design and layout of your custom steel barn to suit your space and needs. No matter what your needs are, we work for you to get the highest quality metal building, in your timeframe, at the best price.



When you need a building fast. Pre-engineered, energy-efficient quality hangars for residential or commercial use may be your best option, depending on requirements. Our promise is to find the best manufacturer to meet or exceed those expectations. We are your source when you need it expertly installed, at the price that makes sense.

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Leverage our authority in the metal building industry to get the top-quality pre-engineered steel building manufacturers to compete for your business. We get you the best product at the best price.



Financing is available for any qualifying customer. We qualify for finance options from top steel structure manufacturers and we pass along those options to you. Find out the finance choices that are available to you.



Some manufacturers have special rental offers available. We can discuss with you some rent-to-own opportunities with key manufacturers. Contact us to discuss further what you need, then let us go to work to get the best deal.



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Regular Roof

  • Horizontally-oriented roof panels
  • Gable end trim
  • Bend transition roof to leg
  • Galvanized steel frame


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Boxed Eve Roof

  • Horizontally-oriented roof panels
  • Gable end trim
  • Eave side trim
  • Welded pin transition roof to leg
  • Galvanized steel frame


image Better_color

Vertical Roof

  • A-frame roof design
  • Ridge cap trim
  • Galvanized steel roof perlins
  • Welded pin transition roof to leg
  • Vertically oriented roof panels
  • Deep gable end trim
  • Deep eave side trim
  • Galvanized steel frame
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