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Carport Manufacturers

Leading Carport Manufacturers – Where to Find a Company in My Area

Carport ManufacturersGenerally, a home is the biggest investment most people will make in their lifetime. A car is usually the second most important investment. And when you make an investment, you want to protect it. While many people have garages in which to park their cars, some houses don’t have one. Even if you have one, it may be full of everything but your car. The US Census Bureau estimates that about 24{35039b92949b955307b8a6666adb483f801cf811e9ba33d6cf9af244402ce994} of households living in single-detached units don’t have covering for their vehicles. Without protection, Mother Nature can throw everything she’s got at your car. But when you’re searching for carport manufacturers, how do you find one with a strong and durable product?

Carport Express can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Undoubtedly, we’re the perfect solution to your problem!  Tell us what you need and where you live. We’ll help you with design questions like size and options to find you the best product. Then leave the rest up to us. It’s that easy! Moreover, we partner with the best carport manufacturers to bring you quality products. Call us now at 800-826-4849 to begin the process.

Just What Exactly Is a Carport?

Carports are metal structures designed to provide protection from the weather. The simplest and most economical type is a canopy style comprised of a metal frame with a roof of polyethylene fabric. Also available are metal frames enclosed with polyethylene fabric. Polyethylene makes a strong fabric. It won’t deteriorate from mildew, sun, or weather. Generally, it’s engineered with ripstop. This is a special reinforcing technique to make the fabric tear and rip-resistant.

Other carports in this group have metal roofs and they all have open sides. Then there is the more elaborate style of metal buildings which looks more like garages. Enclosed carports offer more protection and security than canopy style. Moreover, there are more custom options such as roof styles, and color choices. Durable, affordable, and easy-to-install, carports are a popular choice for protecting your vehicles.

Building Permits, Zoning Laws & HOA Regulations

Whenever you construct something on your property, the local municipality wants to make sure you’re in compliance with existing laws. This includes safety issues as well as zoning codes. Generally, buildings must be set back from the street a required number of feet. Additionally, structures must be set a certain number of feet from your neighbor. Local authorities will differ on the requirements. So, before you even place your order, check your local laws.

Moreover, if you live in a development, you may be governed by the rules of a Home Owners Association (HOA). In order to preserve the look of the neighborhood, your HOA may specify particular building materials. Or the HOA may regulate its size and color. Remember to verify rules with your HOA before beginning your project.

The First Question Is, How Do You Plan on Using Your Carport?

Certainly, it’s important to determine your structure’s usage. Establishing the use will help determine the design. While most people may think of using a carport to protect a vehicle, they’re much more versatile structures. For example, carports make excellent storage buildings for motorcycles, tractors, RVs, or boats. They also make great outdoor workspaces. The roof will keep your power tools dry while providing ample ventilation. Additionally, outdoor entertainment is a snap with a canopy style structure. A canopy can provide some much-needed shade in your backyard. Plus, it can provide a patio cover or screen from the sun for multiple uses.

Once you’ve determined the usage, it’s easier to decide on the size and style. For example, the canopy style is great for backyard entertainment. A taller and longer carport is necessary to protect an RV. If you’re planning on protecting more than one car, you’ll need a wider carport. Whereas if you want maximum protection against the elements with added security, you’ll want an enclosed structure.

In addition to considering usage, you need to think about the available space in your yard. If you have limited space on your property, you’ll need a smaller structure. Moreover, as you’re designing, you need to keep your budget in mind. When you work with Carport Express, we can suggest materials and designs to help you stay within your budget.

Which Materials Should I Choose?

Once you’ve decided on the usage and budget for your carport, it’s easier to determine which material you should choose. Carports are available in polyethylene fabric with a metal frame, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Your usage, budget, and the area in which you live will help determine which material is best for you.

Comparatively, polyethylene fabric with a metal frame is the most cost effective. Typically, most manufacturers use galvanized steel for the metal frame.  You can buy the canopy style with just a roof or with side-wall enclosed styles. One great feature of this type is that they are portable. This means if you should move, you can take your carport with you. However, generally, polyethylene carports cannot stand against extreme weather. Homeowners living in areas with heavy snowfall or high winds may want to consider another option.

Generally, galvanized steel is the most popular metal support for carports. First, it’s the strongest material available for your structure. Steel is twice as strong as aluminum. Most importantly, it’s extremely durable. It resists warping, dents, and bending. Experts recommend steel if you live in an area with high winds or heavy snowfall due to its strength. However, steamy weather is likely to shorten the lifespan of a steel carport. Thus, you may need to replace it sooner.

Often, residents living along the coast prefer aluminum. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rusting and salt-water corrosion.  So, if you live along the shore, your best choice is aluminum.  Additionally, it’s composed of 50-85{35039b92949b955307b8a6666adb483f801cf811e9ba33d6cf9af244402ce994} of recycled material making it the most environmentally-friendly choice. However, aluminum is thinner than steel and is prone to dents and scratches.

Let’s Talk about Roofing Options First

If you’ve decided to buy a carport with a metal roof, you have several choices of roof styles. While the shape of the roofs is similar, there are some important differences. These roofs are available for both open and enclosed carports.

The most popular choice is the standard roof. It’s generally the most inexpensive and the easiest to install. These roofs are recognizable by their rounded eaves that come down the side a little bit. Panel ridges run horizontally parallel to the side of the carport. Generally, it’s ideal for areas where fair weather is typical.

Another type of roofing choice is the A-frame. An A frame with a boxed eave has squared edges with a small overhang. Typically, the ridges run horizontally. Vertical roofs are similar except the ridges run towards the ground. It has excellent strength allowing snow and rain to slide off the structure.

Often, homeowners like to add gables to their roof at one or both ends. Gables are triangular shaped metal pieces that give the roof extra structural support. Additionally, gables provide added protection against rain and snow. Typically, manufacturers recommended gable ends where harsher weather is common.

Other Options You May Want to Consider from Carport Manufacturers

Once you’ve settled on the size and roof of your carport, it’s time to think about some other custom options.  Most manufacturers have at least a dozen color choices. Many even have separate trim colors to enhance the look of your building. When choosing a color, pick a color to complement your home. Also, keep in mind that light color buildings will be cooler in the summer.

Some additional options you may want to add on are a roll-up garage door, walk-in-door, and windows. Windows make the building more suitable for use. They allow natural light and ventilation into your building. And properly placed, they add a certain beauty to the building.  Walk-in-doors allow easy access. They are more practical than garage doors for the movement of people. Finally, a roll-up door provides extra security for your valuables locked inside.

Furthermore, these openings provide much-needed ventilation. Fresh air will help avoid the condensation of water on metal surfaces. Less moisture means less rust. Plus, adequate ventilation will keep the inside of the structure cool by circulating air.

What’s the Bottom Line in Costs from Carport Manufacturers?

Of course, there are many variables that will determine the cost of your metal structure. We’ve already discussed materials, size, and options that affect your price. But there are also factors influencing installation costs. First, your carport needs to sit on a level area. Without an even base, your structure will undergo stress. This can lead to structural damage during bad weather. You should be sure that you have a level area on which to place the carport.

Next, your carport needs a foundation. Your usage can help determine which foundation is best. If you will be entertaining under your carport, a grass foundation is perfect. However, if you’ll be storing vehicles, you’ll want a surface that doesn’t erode away.

Certainly, the simplest, cheapest, and easiest foundation is dirt or grass. In fact, most homeowners use the bare ground as a foundation. Spreading gravel or stone is an excellent, affordable solution. Asphalt is a bit more costly but provides solid and secure anchoring. The downside is asphalt requires routine maintenance and yearly sealing. Concrete is the most expensive foundation but also the most durable and dependable. Overall, you need to think about the types of severe weather your structure needs to withstand.

Some Final Considerations Before You Order your Structure

When thinking about the location of your carport, level ground is certainly an important aspect. However, overhead electrical lines could also pose a problem. Be sure wires are higher than 15 feet above the intended height of your structure. Additionally, call your utility companies to mark your underground lines. Many carports require digging posts for proper anchoring. Knowing the location of buried lines avoids damage to property and service outages.

Quality Carport Manufacturers and Installation

Often, we want an affordable solution to our problem. Whether you need extra storage space, an outdoor workroom, or just some extra shade, carport manufacturers fill that demand. And Carport Express can put you in touch with the right manufacturers and installers. We are dealers of carports and all types and styles of metal buildings. If you need something larger, we can recommend the best source for a barn, storage or commercial-use building.

At Carport Express, we take care of all the details so you can relax. Wherever you live in the U.S., we can help you find the perfect carport for your needs. We partner with top manufacturers across the country to bring you quality, affordable solutions.

Call us at 800-826-4849 to speak with one of our specialists. We’ll listen to your needs and budget concerns. When you’re ready to purchase, we’ll require a deposit, based on the overall project price. Then, sit back and relax and let us take care of the details.