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Carport Express Metal Garages

Metal Garages from Carport Express Offer Privacy and Protection

For many of us, the American Dream means carving out a happy life on a piece of land we can call our own. Nowhere else in the world are we guaranteed the right to pursue our own happiness. Yes, there’s a lot we have to be thankful for because we live in this great country. And once we have it, our focus turns to protecting our property. This is especially important for cars, boats, and other vehicles. After all, the elements can do more damage to vehicles than anything else. And keeping them safe and protected from theft is of vital importance. You can achieve both of these things with a metal garage. And there’s no better place to buy metal garages than from Carport Express. They are the industry leader because they help you find what you need at the best price possible. Best of all, they work with manufacturers that make all of their products right here in America. So, you know you’re getting the best quality steel structures. Check out the benefits of buying from Carport Express below.

The Leader in Quality, Affordable Garages

If you’re looking for a metal garage, carport, or other metal structures, look no further. Carport Express will find the best pre-engineered steel buildings and expert installers. And they’ll do all of this within your budget and your schedule.

By working with Carport Express, you have a technician who can assist you with the entire process. There are so many options and materials available, it can be a bit confusing. When given the opportunity to customize your own building, what do you want to include? Are you going to use it as a garage workshop or for storage, in addition to protecting your vehicles? Do you want extra height to accommodate your recreational vehicles? What style and color options are you considering? Depending on your location, you may require a garage design that will withstand high winds. Additionally, you may want a unique roof style to complement your home. You may want walk-in doors from a couple of sides for convenience. It’s great to be able to add doors or change the height – anything is possible when you are customizing your own metal garage. You may even decide to include an additional area for a man cave!

No matter what grade roof system you purchase, all have a galvanized steel frame to ensure durability. From the roof to the garage door, every component is engineered to last for many years.

Carport Express has the experience and the sources to help you find what you need – a durable, secure, attractive detached garage. They make the top manufacturers in the industry compete for your business. This means that you’ll get the best products at the best prices. Some of the industry’s top manufacturers that they work with include:

  • Eagle Carports
  • EastCoast Carports
  • American Carports
  • Five Star Metal Buildings
  • Best Choice Metal Structures
  • Steel Buildings & Structures
  • And many more!

They have access to all the options you might be looking for. You can even check out how your building with look with their unique 3D Visualizer tool.

Benefits of Metal Garages

Metal garages offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Strength—metal garages are strong. In fact, they offer strength much more effectively and efficiently than other types of garages. They protect against the elements and offer superior protection against theft. So, you can rest assured that your vehicles and other property are well-protected.
  • Durability—one of the greatest benefits of metal garages is their durability. Metal garages are made from high-quality, pre-engineered steel. That means they will last for decades—even generations—to come.
  • Cost-Efficiency—no worthwhile investment in your home is cheap. But metal garages offer a great cost-benefit ratio. To start, they are far less expensive than traditional, stick-built garages. So, they can be installed at very low costs. And materials are long-lasting, so don’t need the same upkeep as traditional garages.
  • Customizability—metal garages come in many different sizes, styles, and designs. Simply choose the right combination to match the style of your home. Need an uncommon shape to fit your unique yard? How about some doors and windows to add flexibility and light? Carport Express can help. Your custom design will match your exact needs—and it will look good, too!
  • Ease of Installation—these garages come in simple kits. Simply follow the instructions to assemble individual pieces or trust an expert to do it. Either way, you’ll enjoy tremendous savings over traditionally-built garages.
  • Easy Maintenance—the best part about these garages is that they require very little upkeep. Simply hose them off once in a while to keep clean. This option is perfect for people who don’t want to deal with maintenance.

All of these benefits make metal garages the best and most cost-effective way of protecting your property. In addition, you will add to the curb appeal of your home and therefore increase your investment. Go with a metal garage from Carport Express and get the peace of mind you deserve. And check out everything else they offer for your home below.

The Right Building for Your Home

Carport Express offers a number of metal buildings perfect for every home. See the unique features of each one below to see which will work best for you.

  • Steel Carports—let’s face it: as good as your car looks gleaming in the sun, it isn’t worth the damage. Sun, rain, wind, hail, and more can wreak havoc on cars and other vehicles. A steel carport from Carport Express will keep your vehicle safe and clean. They are made from the highest quality pre-engineered steel and expertly installed.
  • Storage Garages—sometimes, protecting against the elements isn’t enough. Valuable property deserves to be protected. And you deserve to have the peace of mind knowing your vehicles and other items are safe. Storage garages keep cars, trucks, boats, and more super safe. Plus, they are customizable in a wide range of colors and styles. So, they will be both functional and attractive on your property.
  • Steel Barns—what can be better than the massive storage space and quaint style of a barn? A steel barn, of course! Steel barns offer the same classic styles and looks with top-quality security features. Carport Express can tailor the exact design and layout you’re looking for. So, your barn can be a perfect fit for the extra space you need. Plus, their metal frames are the highest quality in the industry.
  • Clear Span Buildings—sometimes, projects require a little more space than a garage or barn can offer. Some jobs even require huge amounts of space. Imagine storing airplanes or huge industrial equipment. These buildings are commonly used as distribution centers for online businesses or storage for retail stores. In these cases, a clear span building is the perfect choice. These buildings are pre-engineered, energy-efficient, and ultra-high-quality. So, they are the perfect choice for residential or commercial uses.

More Affordable Than You Might Think

Metal garages offer a lot of benefits. Maybe none are greater than the peace of mind you’ll get knowing your property is protected. And when you buy from Carport Express, that peace of mind can be more affordable than you might think. They leverage a vast network of resources to bring you the best prices on the market. This vast network gives customers access to numerous vendors and installers across the country. So, Carport Express can find you the best deal quickly. And they can find the lowest financing options on exactly what you’re looking for.

This is especially true when you consider the protection that metal garages offer. After all, think of the costs and headaches associated with a vehicle being stolen or damaged. If you’ve ever had anything stolen, you know how frustrating this can be. Sure, the police do their best to help. But they are often unable to help recover the vehicle. And even if insurance reimburses you, you often lose some of the value. Not to mention the headaches associated with this lengthy process. The same goes for vehicles that are damaged. Imagine a hail storm cracking a windshield so badly it needs replacing. When you consider that a metal garage can prevent these costs, they essentially pay for themselves over time.

Best of all, Carport Express offers you the ability to own your own garage today and pay later. No good investment is cheap. Then again, most investments don’t offer the same kind of value that a garage does. Garages help increase the value of a home, since most homeowners want to buy a house with a garage. But life happens. No one understands that better than the friendly experts at Carport Express. That’s why they offer a number of payment options to their customers. See the next section for details.

Flexible Payment Options

  • Buy—buying something outright is the traditional way of doing it. And there are many benefits to this method. First and foremost, metal garages from Carport Express are downright affordable. Unlike traditional, stick-built garages, they are cost-effective and cheaper. This means that many people can spend a relatively short amount of time saving for them. Buying outright means avoiding payments and taking pride in ownership. Plus, Carport Express works with a nationwide network of manufacturers. They have built strong, successful working relationships. So, they can leverage these relationships to get you the best price. You can rest assured you’re getting a top-quality carport for the most competitive price.
  • Finance—of course, buying outright is often the most preferable way of paying. But let’s face it: all of us go through situations where we don’t have cash handy. Does that mean we should let our vehicles or other valuables go unprotected? Of course not! Carport Express offers a variety of financing options to qualified customers. And they can use their relationships with manufacturers to help as well. They work with these companies on financing options and then pass them along to customers. So, you can start protecting your property today and enjoy flexible payment options until it’s paid off. Contact them today to see what financing options are available to you.
  • Rent-to-Own—another great option they offer is rent-to-own. This allows customers to start renting the carport immediately. But it also gives them the option to have these rental payments go towards the cost of owning the carport. Carport Express does this through special rental agreements with certain manufacturers. Carport Express can help find these options and set them up so that you can enjoy the benefits of renting-to-own.

Free, No-Obligation Quotes

It’s clear that a metal garage offers a long list of benefits. But maybe you have a specific question. Or, maybe you’re interested in getting some more information to help you make your decision. Just contact the experts today to start the process. They ask for your contact information and a short description of what you’d like help with. That way, they will have the answers you need and they will help guide you toward the right solution for your requirements.

No matter where you are in your process, their experts can help. Let’s say you have a second car and a boat that are currently facing the elements out in your driveway. Maybe you’ve always needed some extra space but never thought you could afford it. Perhaps you’d like to pull the trigger on a garage but need help with some financing options. Or, maybe you’ve taken up a new hobby and need some space to do it justice. In any case, the friendly experts at Carport Express can help. They can find the perfect options for you in just a few easy steps.

Maybe you’re a little further along in the process and want to start getting some cost information. They make it easy to get that, too. Just fill out this form and they will be in touch with a free quote.

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